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The Bathroom Remodeling Center in Raleigh

Why Choose Portofino Tile for Your Bathroom Remodel

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A newly remodeled bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom can seem daunting and overwhelming, but when you choose Portofino Tile in North Carolina, you can rest assured that the job will be done right! With over 40 years of experience in bathroom remodeling, Nicole Fella and his team of skilled local professionals are dedicated to providing top-quality service with only the highest standards.

Portofino Tile offers full bathroom remodeling services. Here are four reasons why you should choose Portofino Tile for your bathroom to remodel, and if you have questions, contact us today.

A newly remodeled bathroom

Quick Turnaround Time

Our bathroom remodeling crews are committed to completing your bathroom remodel project as quickly and efficiently as possible, all while maintaining the highest quality standards. We understand that time is critical and will work hard to complete your bathroom remodel promptly.

A contractor holding blueprints

In-House Contractors

Portofino Tile is an independent, local, owner-operated bathroom remodeling contractor. Our in-house contractors are knowledgeable about bathroom projects and can answer your questions quickly and accurately. We are available to assist you from start to finish with your bathroom remodel project.

A builder remodeling a bathroom

Quality Craftsmanship From Experienced Professionals

Portofino Tile’s bathroom remodeling crews are full-time employees who have years of experience and knowledge in the bathroom remodeling industry. We take pride in our work, ensuring that each job is done correctly and with only the highest quality standards.

Large Showroom

At Portofino Tile, we have an extensive showroom of bathroom fixtures and remodeling materials to help you create the perfect bathroom. Our team will assist you in choosing the best options for your bathroom project.

For bathroom remodel companies you can trust with years of experience, look no further than Portofino Tile. Contact us today if you live in the Triangle area, and together, we will make your bathroom remodel vision a reality!

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